The Bearista Tour 2018

This project was put together for the We Bare Bears Bearista Tour, in association with We Make Stuff Happen, which appeared in four cities around the UK on weekends in January 2018. The tour involved life-sized models of the bears, one holding a selfie stick to take pictures of visitors which were then emailed to them.

Photo of We Bare Bears models, with human helper.
The bears on tour, with a human helper.

(For those of you not in the know, as I was not, We Bare Bears is a popular children’s television show on the Cartoon Network, featuring three bear brothers having adventures in and around human society.)

We were asked to develop the Android application, which initially looked like quite a challenge – using the camera in the (somewhat elderly) office test tablet was not easy, especially in conjunction with the client’s requirements for the selfie: the front camera had to be used, and there needed to be an on-screen countdown.

Thankfully, when we got our hands on a more up-to-date tablet, life became much simpler: the built-in camera app could do everything that we needed. We built an application to take the visitor’s details – name and email address, and then allowed them to take a photo from the selfie stick, surrounded by their Bare Bear friends. The photo was then emailed to them with a friendly message thanking them for taking part.

This was an interesting and fun project which allowed us to broaden our knowledge of Android development, and we learned about picture manipulation along the way as well (the pictures had an overlay applied to them, which required re-orienting the incoming photo so that it was always the right way up – we used Drew Noakes’ metadata extractor to detect how the picture was oriented, and which matrix combination to apply to fix it). We also got to hang out with some bears, although only briefly!